Subnervosa seedlings

These two year old seedlings were grown from fruit collected in Cape York. Subnervosa grows through Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia and is unlike any other fig growing in Australia. It has delicate multi lobed leaves on young plants that become entire (a plan leaf without lobes) as the plant matures. The new leaves can be shades of pink, red and brown. The trunk and canopy resemble that of Ficus fraseri, though fraseri is sandpaper fig and not closely related to subnervosa.

There’s about 30 seedlings in the pot, each with a single stem. As young plants they tend to be bushy shrubs, at least in cultivation. Once mature they have a strong single trunk with silvery grey bark. In some of the photos you may be able to see the zig zag alternate foliage of the young stems and red petioles.



subnervosa seedlings 3

subnervosa seedlings 2


subnervosa seedlings 4

subnervosa seedlings 1

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